d alive Masala Soda Jars Instant Drink Premix, Sugar-Free, Organic, Ultra-Low GI, Vegan, Diabetes and Keto-Friendly, No Emulsifier Antioxidant and Tasty, Packed in Glass Jars , 90 g

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About this item
  • • All Natural and Sugar-Free
  • • Organic and No Emulsifier
  • • Gluten-Free
  • • Low Carb
  • • Ultra Low GI ( Glycemic Index)
  • • Keto and Diabetes Friendly

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 Product Highlight


  • No Refind Sugar
  • No Artificial Sweeteners , No Trans Fat
  • No Gluten , No High Blood Sugars
  • No Additives , No Preservatives , No Emulsifiers.

 Product Description

 This All-Natural Masala Soda is sweet, salty, savory and a bit funky all at once. The spice mix with roasted cumin that is a great way to settle an uneasy stomach, especially after a large meal.


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